Friday October 31st 2008

Parents aren't' perfect. Mine weren't. But I still blamed them.

Parents are supposed to be perfect and know everything and handle every situation with divine knowledge and empathy.

As a child that's what we think. They are the adult. Their job is to protect and serve and be there for us.

As an adult I am really surprised at how imperfect my mother was.

I have come to a better understanding and feel genuine heartache for some of the things that she had to go through. I would like to write it down but it is her story to share.

Anyways back to the story...
I was sitting here thinking about a situation in a friendship of mine that has gotten way out of hand. I would really like to take care of it in an adult manner but the emotions have run high and I want to scream out "I'm rubber and your glue....."

Not to mention going to church and facing those involved and wondering what nasty things have been circulating.

IN CHURCH!!! Heaven's to Betsy! And I cannot deny my involvement in this!

What's worse is that the mother of one of these ladies is in my Relief Society where I have to give the lesson every third Sunday. And this mommy is NOT NICE!

She interrupted my lesson once to tell me that she disagreed with what I was teaching.
My response was to stand there with my mouth- open- wide- hanging- down- to- my-boobs kind of look. Thank Heavens that what I was teaching was straight from the good book and I was able to back myself up. So this mother already has it in for me. Her daughter has MS and I'm sure I am going to be looked down on for upsetting the poor little fragile thing.

But the sad thing is.... we haven't even said a word to each other. A mutual friend called her and told her a non-true thing and she believed it and sent me hate mail. Yes! Hate mail! It said "So, now I hate you!"

I, of course, replied and tried to tell her how things were misunderstood.
I then sent an email to the friend who had done the damage telling her that I was angry and to leave me alone for awhile.

Of course that just fueled the fire. In a response email this friend said it was all my fault and that she was just doing it because she loved me and was trying to fix a problem. (ONE THAT DIDN"T EXIST UNTIL NOW)

My hubby says to leave it alone and stop emailing. But I can't. You just don't end relationships over a little misunderstanding. I have learned one thing from this. I am way too sarcastic and not everyone can tell when I am being serious or not.

So my dear children, Your mother is not perfect or ever will be. One day the grace of God will fix every heartache and make everything right.

But for now I am just your earthly mother trying every day to be better than I was the day before and to learn the lessons set out before me. I hope I don't screw your lives up to much.

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Becka Babe said...

I am sorry you had to go through that on your own. I wish I had been there to back you up.
I thought "J"'s mother was in her ward and you were in a different ward? When did she contest what you were saying? That's horrible. If she had a problem w/ the lesson she should have approached you in private later.
I hope it turned out okay for you and your not worried about going to church. Remember your there for you and the Lord.
Not for them.