Pictures of Michael McLean

Photo's used courtesy of Shadow Mountain Records

Just a few of Michael McLeans work:

1983 You're not alone
1984 Stay with me
1985 Celebrating the light
1988 A new kind of Love song
1990 One heart in the right place
1991 The Forgotten Carols
1992 You've always been there for me
1994 Soundtracks
1994 The Collection VOL 1
1995 The Collection VOL 2
1995 The Garden
1995 Celebrating the light Soundtrack
1995 Unspoken Song
1997 Father and Son
1998 The Ark
1999 Safe Harbors
2000 Michael Sings McLean
2001 Forgotten Carols Anniversary Edition
2004 The best two years
2005 As I am
2008 Changed
2008 The other side of sorrow
2008 It's not love 'til it's' been through a storm
2008 Hope Hiding
2008 See us shine
2008 Tender Mercies

1 comment:

Becka Babe said...

I love him too, I have some very fond childhood memories that include the forgotten carols.