Reach out and touch someone

Last night I went to the library for some good ol' training for my daycare. Subject: child abuse

It was a rookie cop doing the demo and let's just say that a serious subject got turned into a rip roaring good time. There were about 40 of us gals and one of him. When the comment/questions were allowed we really had him cornered and sadly he confessed that when it all boils down we have to use our good judgement and make the call - or no call.

What ended the night was this comment....

We all are responsible for reporting abuse if we see it, suspect it or know about it. We all affect others in our life and can do something good by mentoring a child in our lives.... or adult for that matter

- so as our rookie cop says _
"Reach out and touch someone.......Er, Um, Uh, Or report someone that does. "

Needless to say we were laughing at the Rookie clear out to the parking lot.

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