Wednesday October 28th 2008

So hubby came home last night and the house was cluttered. I usually do a mad 20 minute dash around the house cleaning up - right before he gets home but he surprised us and came home early. Dang it. BUSTED.

It took me a few minutes to clear the clutter and an hour or so later before emotions were calmed down. And I felt bad. I knew I should get off the computer and I got caught. Oh well.

So to add to the messes that happened yesterday....
  • Mascara,
  • red fingernail polish,
  • a bag of lucky charms,
  • almost 3 year old making chocolate milk
  • toilet plugged with 1-2 rolls of toilet paper
  • toothbrush in the bathroom sink
  • sink plugged with toothbrush and toilet paper

I really wish I was just making this up.

New goal. Blog in the wee hours of morning and late rays of sun at night.

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