things to accomplish today

In the Office:
get off the computer
take out the trash
organize and file bills - pay bills
organize and file daycare papers
sort trains, Lincoln logs, blocks
lock up all markers, crayons, pencils, pens, scissors, stapler

start a load of laundry

In the daycare:
organize toys and sanitize them
windex windows
sanitize door handles and stair rails
remove all blankets to be laundered
clean bathroom (see In the bathrooms)
stock diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, soap

start another load of laundry and fold clothes from dryer

In the kitchen:
do the dishes
wipe off the counters
clean fridge, stove, microwave (inside and out)
sweep and mop the floor
windex sliding glass door and window
take out the trash

Switch laundry again

In the front room:
remove clutter
clean and organize coat closet
leatherize the couches
windex t.v.
windex windows
dust shelves
vacuum rugs
sweep and mop

Another load of laundry

In the bathrooms:
remove dirty clothing
clean shower and tub area
clean toilets
windex mirrors
wash counter top and sink
take out the trash
sweep and mop floor

Make the kids put the laundry away

In my room:
make bed
sweep and mop
organize closet
windex windows and t.v.
remove dirty laundry

Help kids put the laundry away correctly

In the girls room:
make beds
organize clothes
windex window
paint walls (from previous blogging damage)
give toys to good will (ha! ha!)

Switch laundry again

In the "boy" room:
organize toys
organize clothes (remove outgrown clothing)
make bed

Is there anymore laundry?

Phew! I'm tired already.

Print list and mark off one by one.

Run around cleaning up the messes children are making right behind me

Turn off phone

Lock front door

Collapse in overstuffed chair with box of Swiss cake rolls

Remember that I didn't get my exercise routine in today.

Make dinner so that the family can sit down and eat together.

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