Thursday October 29th 2008

3 things I grew up with:

  • Michael McLean
  • Greg Olsen
  • Gipp Forester "It feels like Christmas"

Greg Olsen is an artist that is known for his paintings of Christ. His work is brilliant. When he was a little boy my mother babysat him. She said his parents recognized his talent and allowed him to draw and paint on the walls. We lived down the street from his parents and he was just part of my life. I've never met him personally but his work is awe inspiring.

Michael McLean: Hmm, where do I start? I fell in love with him one snowy blizzardy night. Our neighbors had an extra ticket for his concert at the BYU Idaho. Back then it was called Ricks College. Michael performed his Musical/Play "The Forgotten Carols."

I was a rebellious teen. My mother had recently been in an accident and was saved by a miracle and at that time there was so much hurt and sadness in my life that I wish she had been taken. One to relief her of her pain - both physical and emotional.

We had a hard life. Really hard. I don't think neighbors, family and friends realized what we were going through. And I was very angry at my mom for allowing my father to hurt us so badly.

To top it off I was doing some very dangerous things in my life and she didn't believe me. I had lied about a lot of things so I'm sure she couldn't figure out fact from fiction.

So here I was walking the streets and my neighbor pulls alongside of me and tells me to get in. I declined at first and they persisted. I think I went just to get out of town.

We were late getting there due to the road conditions. It was indeed a very awesome blizzard. The snow was coming down so softly and thick. It was incredibly beautiful.

We walked into the auditorium and the show was already started. There was not a seat in the house that wasn't full. We stood in the doorways.

If you haven't seen the play you have no idea what I'm talking about. It was one of his first shows and it was magical. Not like Santa kind of magic. But the kind that takes place in the heart and melts away all the hardness and pain. It wrapped me in it's warmth and reminded me of who I really was and that all the pain that I was going through didn't matter. The message of the play mattered. The reason for the season is Jesus Christ.

As the play ended, Michael got on the piano and sang "We can be together forever someday" He asked us to link up to the person sitting next to us and sing with him. Then he asked us to sing We WILL be together forever someday. Michael McLean bore his testimony through his music that night and it touched me deep in my heart. I wanted to go home and tell my family I was sorry and that I loved them. I wanted happiness in my life.

When we got home it was very late into the night. I crept in as quiet as I could and my mother was sleeping on the couch. That's were she slept. She didn't have a room so that we could each have our own. How selfish and unforgiving I had been. Her face was so swollen from the accident and bit's of glass was still in her face. From that moment on she became the most beautiful person in the world to me.

Michael changed my life. He changed my attitude. It was the spirit that came through in his music that touched me. I continued listening to his music and he literally carried me through my teenage years and still uplifts me today. My mother made sure she bought me every one of his albums as he produced them. She even took a poster out of the garbage to have him sign it for me.

Michael directed me to a new way of living. I get so excited about this time of year when I know he will be performing "The Forgotten Carols"

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Grandparents Corner said...

Wow, I had never heard his music before but now I will make sure I get it because of your testament to the difference it made in your life. Thank you for sharing this.

I will be gone about 5 to 7 days. See my blog for reasons. Prayers are needed. ((hugs))