Monday nightmare! School is out - who knows what for this time???
My three Eldest, ages 5,4,and almost 3 were playing trains in their room. I thought as long as they are being good (not fighting with each other) I won't bother them and the daycare will be peaceful and happy. Phhh yeah right.

My autistic son pooped his pants, my almost 3 yr old pooped in her training pants and instead of coming to tell me like they usually do.....and I can't blame this one on blogging - honestly! They finger painted. They had a glorious time of it too.

After bathing the children, redressing them, sending them to time out corners, stepping outside and screaming "God why do you hate me?" (I know that he doesn't) I came back inside and washed my hands thoroughly (there is a e-coli outbreak in Denver). I finished preparing lunch, put kiddies down for naptime and here I sit watching the kids from my desk to make sure they don't get up and escape. UGH!

Oh yah, this is good.... Mommy, I have to go potty!!!!! I'm sure you do sweetheart.

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