blogger vacation

I so need to get off this writers block and stop posting video clips.
It's back to the grind. Business as usual. Get my focus back. Post a post a day...

It's been busy but I think I just needed time to recuperate and put things back into perspective. I think God knew that too - my computer got a virus. My washing machine died. The kids tore the t.v. cable out of the wall..... Thank goodness I recognized the message before God threw a brick at my head. No, just kidding. God wouldn't do that.

I did set some boundaries and rules for myself for playing on the computer. So far I've broken every one....

Things I did while on vacation from blogging....

1. Helped my husband paint the house.
Front room and Kitchen got a "pumpkin pie orange" color - very much like a fall leaf color - I told my husband I wanted a fall leaf color so he went and found the most pretty leaf and took it into the store to color match it. Love HIM!

The daycare got a Nantucket blue

The girls room got a cotton candy pink

and Jon has to wait for another weekend to paint his room :(

2. I received my "Michael Mclean The Forgotten Carols on CD". He reads the story and I love it - love it - love it. If I close my eyes and imagine the play I can almost feel like I'm there. I also found his "Evening with Michael McLean" on video and got that in the mail. Along with "Gipp Forester's It feels like Christmas"

I am so ready for the holidays now. Cross your fingers for me - I hope to get a bunny hop to Salt Lake City to see Michael McLean perform his concert . If my husband is good I will take him with me. (a bunny hop is a small commuter airplane ride from where I live to Salt Lake City.)

3. Geared up for Thanksgiving by spending way too much at the local Walmart. Bought some pretty dishes to display all that food!

Including but not posting everything.... punch bowl with itsy little cups to drink from, matching relish tray with bowl. (All white glass) Porcelain baking dishes for mashed potatoes, green been casserole.....

Red table cloth with white satin runner. Red place mats with white satin napkins. Matching dishes in red and white. Red stained glasses with new silver, silver wear! Big red tin tub for stashing icy cold pop in.....

I have to stop now. I'm getting too exited just thinking about it!!

4. I got the laundry completely caught up and then the darn thing DIED!

5. Cleaned my office and organized that mountain of paper work. Yay.
Holy Cow, I actually have an office?

6. Died my hair very dark brown/black. Holy Cow, the gray-grey is gone!!

7. "Looked at" exercise bicycle and stair climber at local Walmart- my friend lost 95 pounds in 6 months by eating healthy and riding her bike. If she can do it - I can do it! I'm starting to change my mentality on losing weight. I may have this ugly skin hanging down but at least the weight will be gone. Here's to that 100 pds that I won't miss!

8. Cleaned and organized the kitchen. Dang I really miss my house keeper!

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Messy Jess said...

3 messy notes:

Becka Babe said...

I'm proud of you for getting so much done!
But I did miss being in contact with you.
Its exciting about all your Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff, are you going to have Thanksgiving dinner at your house now instead of Lorna's?
Tuesday, 11 November, 2008
leaca said...

wow, 95 lbs, eh? that is amazing.
Tuesday, 11 November, 2008
Jess... said...

becka, I forbid you to say "I'm proud of you", you sound like my mother!!
Tuesday, 11 November, 2008

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