A little thought about blogging

I had written a tag about myself awhile ago and in it said that my mom was the least likely to read it because she didn't like the emails where you have to fill in a bunch of information about yourself.

Well, she did read it and was a bit offended but admitted it was the truth. I told her I didn't mean anything bad about it. She said that she usually deletes all that "garbly goop". I laughed and said "garbly goop?" "Where did you hear that one?"

She thought about it and couldn't even remember. The word just came to mind when she was trying to describe the emails. She said "Why don't you google it, Jess?" I did and there was actually a few searches for it. Kind of funny.

I tried to defend myself and my blogging world and she replied "Whatever keeps you sane in your part of the world..."

No, really, mom - I have some really good friends online. They like me for who I really am.

I got to talking about that subject with my mother in law. She made a really good point. Blog friends see mostly the good side of you and don't have to put up with your flaws. And because it is not a face to face confrontation, bloggers feel free to be themselves and to"let their hair down."

One thing to be careful of though.....keep up your social skills and communications skills so that you don't forget how to be a friend, to make a friend, and to strengthen relationships outside of your home and blogosphere.

An added note by mother in law.... live in your home like you would act in public and being your real self will become easier and true and more natural. In other words you won't have to act like plastic outside of your home if you are already acting the way you want others to see you... in your home!

Let there be beauty and peace in our homes - an establishment for a safe haven for our husbands and children.

I love this picture - no matter how goofy it is.

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