Wednesday November 12, 2008

My husband and I are going through another difficult "hard to communicate with each other" phase. We will be doing just fine and then wham - it's like we strangers and the only way we can get through to each other is by yelling.

We don't like to yell at each other but we do it anyways. We are so wrapped up in our own individual responsibilities and stress that I think we are forgetting to find compassion with each other. So we take it out on each other.

To be the one that just gives in and lets the other cry on your shoulder is so hard when all you want is that shoulder to cry on. We both have to be strong at the same time.

I worry all the time what he is going through. Why he is so discouraged and fustrated? I have no idea and so I do the worst which is to assume it's me.

And then I get mad and start listing all the things that I do and how grateful he should be - for all that I do to make our lives easier and better. And I'm sure he probably feels unappreciated too - when we are so wrapped up in what needs to be accomplished.

It's a circle that needs to be broken. I must get back to the basics:
Personal prayer. Personal scripture study. Me time. I need to put me first so that I'm strong enough to take care of everything on my plate.


Julie said...

I love what you have written at the top of your blog about chronicling the story for your kids of your insanity. Classic!!! I LOVE it!

My husband and I used to go through this all the time. Even now I can feel it creeping up, and I realize that I need to not assume anything and really talk to him. I'm sure he's feeling pretty close to the same way you are.

We are trying to sit down for fifteen minutes each night and just sit down with each other to talk with no outside distractions. When we're done talking, we watch a conference talk together. It's doing good things for us.

Hang in there! Heavenly Father wants you to succeed, Satan does not. You can do it!!!

kitchenditcher said...

When you have a serious problem, always consult a specialist

And do it on your knees