The aftermath

The white blinking lights on our Christmas tree
the one I begged Darrel to put up for Thanksgiving

Auntie and baby Valorie

Uncle Jane - as the kids called him! Darrel looks on.

I didn't do it...

enjoying the last rays of sunshine

Grandma said it was the most relaxed Thanksgiving ever

Humor me guys!

The "spread"

The goodies

Possibly, this was the best Thanksgiving ever.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house and it was a great success. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmingly thankful for all that we have been given and the blessings we enjoy every single day.

I had a prayer in my heart that lasted all day for those who did not have family, who were alone, for those that had little or no food to eat... for those who might never experience the real meaning of Thanksgiving... for those that can't get along with their families and weren't together.

It was just an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for what I have. My family. My extended family. The "In Laws". The food. Leftovers. Warm Home. Nice weather. The feeling of missing my family that weren't there.... I could go on forever.

We cooked all morning. My husband took the kids to McDonald's for a pancake breakfast. The house smelt wonderful. The food was delicious and perfect. The setting was peaceful and friendly. There was such a feeling of love that come in the door when the relatives walked in....I cannot describe the feelings with words. Except Gratitude. Thankfulness. Appreciation. Instead of feeling depressed for those who were going without I just soaked it all in and stayed in the moment. It will be a fond memory for sure.

I love being in this stage of my life. I've always wanted to be "here". All the years I spent taking care of other peoples families... this is what I really wanted. I just wanted to fast forward my life to this point and now I'm here. A wonderful loving forgiving husband. Beautiful precious children of my own. A home to live in and call my own. Friends and Family. I am trying to live in the moment. Enjoy this time and put into detail all the wonderful moments. It is going by too quickly. The fast forward button is stuck and life is turning the pages faster than I would like it to.

I would like to thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to see and appreciate the blessings that he has given me. To feel compassion for others and to share my home with friends, family and the daycare children that "live" with us.

It truly has been a Thanks-giving this year.

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tammy said...

Great post. There is nothing better than feeling content and loving where your life is at. Time goes way too fast to wish it away. I wish I could slow it down sometimes.