Happy New Year and other stuff...

I'd like to share two links this morning.
The first is SOUNDS OF SUNDAY.
It is Latter Day Saints Christian music
played on KLCE CLASSY 97.

A lot of my favorite music is played (Michael McLean, Morman Tabernacle Choir) along with Glenn Rawson stories of inspiration. If you haven't heard it...try it. You'll like it! Some great music!! I'm listening to it right now!

Also, the second link, http://artpad.art.com
I painted a picture just for you!
My kids love it.
Copy and paste this link in your browser.
You paint a picture and then press play.
It will repaint your picture for you just the way
you did it. I'm an adult and I played on it
for 2 hours yesterday!
May be addicting....

I'm not doing any new resolutions this year.
But I am going to continue on what I'm already working on.

This year we are focusing on our food storage and
emergency supplies. First thing on this list....
A generator for when the power is out.
What are some items on your list?

My kids would like it if the pantry was full of mac-n-cheese(KRAFT ONLY)
and hot dogs. I'm wondering how dehydrated hot dogs are going to taste?
Jerky anyone?


Lisa Loo said...

O my goodness- you obviously have art skills girlfriend! I'm strictly dot to dot. But my daughter will love this--thanx for sharing!!
Amen to the generator. My husband and I don't quite see eye to eye on this--so I am hoping I win!! My last focus was water--I almost have it done. Am still just working on 3 months though.
Dehydrated hot dogs--wrong on so many levels-hee-hee

Nana said...

Gag! Oh excuse me I am choking on my dehydrated hot dog. I want to focus on water for our storage. Papa disagrees because we are right by City Creek and blah blah.
I say City Creek could dry up, be poisened, a whole bunch of stuff could happen to City Creek. Oh well. It's time for my Sunday nap.

tammy said...

I'm going to continue with food storage too and I would really like a generator. I also decided I'm going to be less obsessed by my weight, and work more on the spiritual side of me - get better at regular FHE, scripture study, temple, etc.

Crazymamaof6 said...

way to go on the food storage and preparedness. i should do more. thankfully my mother in law sees to that every year and gave us emergency cooking supplies for christmas.
i am horribly lame about resolutions. i like to stick to shallow and really easy things. like do things that make me happy. and wear more color. of course i don't wear more color but this year i did buy lots of pink stuff that makes me happy. and that is something.

thanks for stopping by lately. i'm loving your comments. hope you had a fabulous holiday ! and happy new year to you.

Cynthia said...

You know, I've always set my own resolutions. Reading your post caused it to dawn on me for the first time that hubby and I should set a goal or two together for our family. Am I totally stupid or what? I can't believe it never occured to me to sit down and talk about a family goal with him.

Thanks for posting. I'll be thinking about it.

RhondaLue said...

My resolution also focuses on food storage (less around the hips and more on the shelves!)

My focused goal is more on canned meat, veggies, and storing and learning how to cook with wheat. Once I have those basics I might get all fancy schmancy but until then, doze are muh goals.