She's here!

Baby Karli Beth was born this morning at 3 am.
Keep a prayer in your heart for her birth mother
who has given such a precious gift at this time of year

When the joy felt and expressed
through giving this gift
Her arms are empty but may her heart be full.

May the miracle of this season give wings to many more miracles...


Jess said...

WooHoo!! COngrats!!! =)
A new sweet spirit.. whatbetter gift this time of year!!

DesertHen said...

How wonderful! Congrats to all the family and blessing to the birth mother.

Messy Jess said...

Karli Beth is a new addition to my sisters family. They are driving there tonight to pick her up. I should have clarified that... I wrote about it in a previous post. Sorry! I should have updated everyone.

Leigh said...

Wow. I feel for that birth mother, but what a treasure that little girl will be for her new family.

tammy said...

So excited for your sister! I so admire birth mothers for their sacrifice. Truly a wonderful thing to do.