To tell or not to

I did not have an emotional breakdown this week
and eat all the chocolate in the house.

My daughter did not leave carrots out to get eaten by imaginary rabbits overnight.

My son does not keep asking all day long if it is a school day and I finally told him he was never going to school ever again if he kept asking.

I did not cry all morning long after receiving a Christmas Card in the mail.

I did not post two hormonal posts this week.

I did not leave all the dishes undone and the laundry piled high before going to bed.

I did not cry when my daughter said she dreamed about Jesus having a broken body and that her father picked him up and carried him. (Shouldn't we all carry Jesus?)

I did not cry when my mother said she did not like my blog. Nope not me.

I didn't mail my Christmas cards because I haven't captured the perfect picture of the kids yet... and may not mail them until next year! Pff, I wouldn't do that!

And I am defiantly not letting my kids sneak up stairs with the ice cream and 3 spoons
knowing that they will make a big mess but I am willing to sacrifice it for some blogging time.

Nope! NOT ME!

Play along with Tanya over at On that note!


Tanja said...

You are not seriously cracking me up! I hope that you can find somehumor in your day too! Hang in there and thanks for playing along!

tara @ kidz said...

Oh your daughter's dream about Jesus about broke my heart. So sweet.

I cannot believe your mom doesn't like your blog! She must not understand how they work. I would have cried too.

I hope you have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

Thanks for supporting kidz.


tammy said...

Love it. And don't you feel a little better now, not getting that off your chest?