Where's your mother?

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I found this song on Tara's blog Kidz isn't it cute?

Whenever my husband walks through the door he promptly calls out " Where's your Mother?"

He knows darn well where I am. I am on the computer! Near the computer, by the computer, in the computer room....

It's my room in the house. My stuff. My books. My photo projects laid out. Even the kids know that the office is Mommy's room. They know to stay out too - but they don't. Every now and then I have to remove their toys, blankets and clothes. It is right off the daycare and next to the laundry room. I look out the window and I see Rowdy staring back at me. Rowdy is my neighbors dog. A beautiful golden retriever. We have long talks about nothing and sometimes I will talk baby talk to him. He barks whenever someone pulls into my driveway and looks to see if I am listening to him. I love that dog. We're best buds and I don't have to clean him or pick up his messes. That's the best kind of pet.

So that leaves Dad to defend for himself. He has claimed the Master Bedroom and even the kids know that it is Daddy's room. He has been spending his spare time in his room - watching all the episodes of x-files (whoo who for me for finally getting him something he has a passion for and is interested in) We had drug a rocking chair into our room for when I was nursing Valorie and it hasn't ever been removed.

So if you want me - I'm in my office. If you want Darrel he is in the rocker watching x-files. And the kids? The kitchen has become their domain. We have reclaimed the lazy Saturdays at our house and it feels wonderful!!

Not so great of a post today but let's you in on our frame of mind.


tammy said...

I think it's a cute post, and love the relationship you have with the neighbor's dog. There is something about dogs that I just love. And good for you for spending less time on the computer lately. I'm trying to follow your example.

(I got the package today - thanks! Now I just need to wait until Luvpilot retrieves the forgotten camera from his mom's so I can blog about it)

tara @ kidz said...

I'm so glad you like the song. I LOVE that song.

I'm glad you have a domain. Every mommy needs a place to escape!

How did your young women's night go?

Cynthia said...

I am glad you have your own little hideaway. I used to have one too but recently gave it up. I'll get a smaller version back eventually once we finish the enough of the basement (which we've been working on).

My hubs does have 'The Man Room'. It's his own space downstairs (the only fully finished space in the basement) and it keeps him sane.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Yay for lazy Saturdays!