Finding Peace

I've been feeling angry lately about events that have happened within my family and loved ones. It left me feeling bitter and discontent. Hateful and feeling revengeful. I didn't want to feel that way.

I've been wanting to find inner peace and happiness and I've gathered information from other bloggers and even googled it. The search brought up Anger and that the opposite of Anger is compassion. When you can feel compassion for someone or sypathize with their situation and understand how they feel - it diffuses Anger.

I've been feeling tied down to the house and to my responsibilities. I've even felt tired of being a mom and wishing I could just be my own person. Resenting my motherly and wifely duties. It's stolen my peace of mind.

I see people doing what they love and loving what they do. They have these magical dream lives and I want one!!

I'm not content any more to daydream about a better life. And I'm not trying to escape reality or live in a realm that I've made up in my mind.

I want my reality to be where I want to be and want to be present in - what I've learned recently is called being mindful. Being mindful is being at peace with yourself in the present moment. To be at peace with yourself in stressful situations.

The following is what I've found to ring true to me when I was searching for the magic answer to a better life. And by better I don't mean money or material things.

First - prayer
I want more meaningful meditation in my life and to be able to connect with the Godly side and eternal nature of my life. I'm going to start writing a prayer journal. It's a list of things I want to pray about. My feelings and emotions. The things I am in need of. My family and loved ones. My enemies. The things that stress me out. If I really concentrate on these things during my prayer I will know what to pray about and think about and ask answers for - or just to feel peaceful about. I don't want to get caught up with the same prayer everyday for the rest of my life.

Second - a gratitude list.
If you are constantly thinking about what you don't have - or want to have... it leaves you feeling empty and wanting. Instead I'm going to make a list of things that I am grateful for that I already have. My family. My health. A home. A car that runs. Clean drinking water...

When we are grateful and content with what we have it brings inner peace. We realize the wealth that we already have. We can be happy now - not later when we get the things we want.

Third - Simplicity.
Take a time out. Enjoy the simple things. Watch a movie. Play with my kids. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset. Appreciate all the little things in my life. Don't stress out about housework or cooking or being on time. Just let things be.

Fourth - Move
Move my body. Walk - Stretch When you move you create energy. Energy is defined as the ability to do work. You have two types of energy stored energy and moving energy. One is potential and the other is active. Use your potential energy. Get outside and draw in some of the sun's energy. Get moving!

So do you want a better life? Inner peace? You just have to look around and find it beneath the clutter in our lives. It's already there waiting for us to grasp it and to be mindful that it is there. You may have to quit your job or find a new one. You may have to relocate. Fortunately for me I don't want things that cost a million dollars. I want to have good relationships with my family. I want to be able to eat healthy and exercise and take pictures. I want to travel too and that is going to take money so I'm going to put that in my prayer list to talk to God about. In the meantime I will be grateful for the beauty around me.

Don't let your "I can't do this" or "this is stopping me from doing this" get in the way... Anything is possible. Get in touch with God...feel grateful for what you have....get rid of the excuses and get out there and JUST DO IT!!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting to get different results.

Do what you love and LOVE what you do...

You gotta wanna!

Just Do it!

It is important to me to not feel angry. It takes away from my well being and peace of mind. Being at peace with myself is not ignoring what is going around me but being mindful of it without it taking my inner peace away. It is being strong emotionally and physically and having the power to stay with my wise self.

love ya! Messy Jess


tammy said...

Very insightful post. Anger really is draining. Once I learned to let go of some anger and resentment I was holding on to, it was like a huge burden was lifted.

Cynthia said...

What an awesome post! You are so right that compassion diffuses anger. I needed to hear that.

My sister and I have a saying "This is not the time in my life I can _____". This last year I have gotten that piece of me back that you talk about wanting. It came because my kids were all in school full time and not physically as needy.

It WILL come for you too. It may not be the time you can ACT but you can PREPARE and PLAN. Take your time, make a plan, and then be ready so that when the time comes, you can immediately act.

Heidi said...

These are all such wise words. I know how you feel. All of these things work but also, feeling sure that you are making the choices that will keep you on the path of the plan the Lord has set for you helps a lot. I can look back and see how the Lord has led me when I have allowed Him too, and the blessings that has brought, and I can also see the times when I have not, and all the trouble that has brought. Either way involved a lot of pain but the difference is feeling the peace that comes with knowing the Lord has a plan for you and if you follow it, it will be for your own good--at some point. Hugs!