the Words we say

I asked God to show me who to love. Who needed a cheerful smile, a thought, a compliment, a friend or a plate of cookies.

He opened my eyes and I am overwhelmed by how many are afflicted and needing a friend. Needing a hand around their shoulder. A hug. A word of encouragement.

I said Hi to my neighbor yesterday. Asked how things were going. He replied and then offered to snow shovel my driveway. Boggled my mind. We hardly ever speak but yet a friendly exchange of words led to that.

I took cookies to a sister who was recovering from surgery. I've admired this women for years...and felt she had no interest in being my friend. But she invited me back to visit with her. Without cookies. Without children.

I've been suffering myself from Lack of good words. I swear at my children and yell and I can't seem to get through to them without being that way. It always results in me being loud and angry. I've been reading a book that is teaching me to use words to bless my children. Words to encourage. Words to support. Words to sustain them with.

Why is it that positive words are so effective? Have you ever held onto that love note or card from someone who cares about you? Children yearn for the affection from their parents. Spouses wait for that word of appreciation from their partners.

Even in fairy tales....Sleeping beauty was effected by the curse of a wicked witch and blessed by the words of loving good fairies. Their words could not be undone once spoken.

In the scriptures....Issac was tricked into giving the birthright blessing to his second son. It was known that that blessing was powerful and real and would effect the rest of their lives.

In real life.... my children were fighting in the car and refused to buckle up. Instead of yelling like usual I wisely picked my words and said..."You are a good boy Jon. You can make good choices". Immediately he sat up and put his seat belt on. In that moment the children noticed that something was different and they turned to look at me and to hear whatever I might say next. I told them that I was happy with them for getting ready for school on time and finding their belongings without my help. I told them I was so glad that I was their mommy and that I was blessed to have them as my children.

We can curse someone or bless them with our words.

"A careless word may kindle strife,

A cruel word may wreck a life,

A timely word may lessen stress,

A loving word may heal and bless."

-- Author Unknown

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Jami said...

What book are you reading? I sure could use some help, myself. :)