Summer 2011 in a blink of an eye

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Happy Halloween

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A good book to read

I now have internet in my home again. I will be writing more but for now I wanted to share a really good book with you... here is a summary.

The Mystery of Self-Image by Torkom Saraydarian

Destructive Images

I cannot do it

I am stupid

I cannot understand

I cannot be a leader

I am defeated

I cannot be successful

I cannot learn

I cannot be victorious

Fivefold foundation

All successful images must be in harmony with

1 Beauty

2 Goodness

3 Righteousness

4 Joy

5 Freedom

Fourfold foundation

If you want to create a success image your success images must be built also on a fourfold foundation

1 Vision

2 Courage

3 Reason

4 Logic

Victory and success must not be measured by the reactions or responses of the public. You are successful ....

If you have more control over your personality

If you can help more people

If your plans are in development

If you are able to destroy more glamors, illusions, vanity, separatism and greed

If you are manipulated less by life

If you always strive toward the future

If you have hope

Some successes cannot be achieved without 1 self abnegation 2 self sacrifice

Good Self Images

1 There is no limit to my success. There is no limit to my beauty, to my power, to my service.

2 I will live a long, healthy, and happy life.

3 I can find the keys of the treasury of wisdom.

4 All nature loves me, respects me, and needs me

5 No slander, no treason will discourage me from my image, but I will learn great lessons from it

and even be able to improve my nature.

6 I am formed by the image of the Almighty Creative Force so my possibilities are unlimited.

7 Really I have never failed, but I have learned lessons.

Build the seven positive images and then work on the seven principles behind them.

1 Inclusiveness

2 Love of freedom

3 Sense of responsibility

4 Intuition

5 Group consciousness

6 Highest respect for all living beings

7 Sacrificial Service

Leadership is not position. People think that if you have a position, you are a leader. On the contrary, you can be a slave. You can be a very bad man and have that high position.

Leadership is also not money. People think that whoever has the money is running the show. That is true only for a short while.

Leadership is also not power.

Position, money, and power can be effective tools in the hands of a wise leader if he does not identify himself with these tools. Or through them he may lead those who have faith in him to destruction

love ya! Messy Jess