Dear Missionary Eternal Life

Dear Missionary,

February is a crazy month in our house.  My birthday is the first week, Valentine’s Day is the second week, and my husband’s birthday is the 3rd week.  Since my birthday comes first I am always hoping that my husband will read my mind and plan something fun or meaningful.  Then it’s followed by expectations of a romantic holiday and then celebrating his birthday.  If you know anything about women – it’s that no matter what the man does – or does not do… it’s followed by disappointment because it’s typical that women do not come out and say what they want. 

This year I decided to do something completely different.  I told my better half exactly what I wanted and it was simple and carried out smoothly.  On Valentine’s Day my husband made preparations and bought cards and candy for the family –how sweet!  Husbands LOVE to be recognized for their efforts.  You can bet that I made sure that he had a good birthday!  

Marriage is like flowers, children and pets.  Without proper attending to – it withers.  We have decided to care for our marriage in everyday living.  We are crossing off a list of responsible things to do in preparation for the future which includes picking out our plots for burial.  I’ve thought a lot about my time here on the earth and what I want to accomplish before I die.   What are your dreams?  What are your hopes?  Who are you becoming?

Today a sister gave a talk in church and asked;  What are we doing today to prepare for eternal life?  How do you compare to where you were one year ago?  Eternal life is a gift to every one made possible by the Saviors atonement.  We will pass away and leave our mortal bodies but be reunited with them on resurrection day.  So no matter how good or how bad you are in this life – that’s the Saviors gift to us.  Depending on your good works and service you will rise to a certain degree of glory and happiness.  Are you creating good habits?  Good thinking patterns and thoughts?  Learning and living the gospel?

There are five missionaries that I write to and are due to come home in the next few weeks.  Have you thought about what you are going to do when you get home?  Are you worried about the transition?  What can you do to help prepare yourself from the shock of serving hourly and daily to restarting your life where you left off….  Have you changed in appearance?  Has your heart changed?  Have your goals been modified or made more certain?   Will you continue to make prayer and scripture reading a priority?  Will you forget the lessons you’ve learned on your mission?  Prepare and decide now which good habits you will be keeping and which one you will not return to when you get home.

This life is a preparation to return to live again with God.  Henry B Eyring said “Oh remember that of all the service you give none is greater than to help people qualify for eternal life”.

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