Everyday Miracles

Jon and I were headed to the walk in to look at his mosquito bites - and this happens. 

We had minor injuries but I am humbled by the miracle of it.  If we had been one second faster or slower we could have seriously hurt the people we hit.  We were going through a light that just turned green and they had run a red light.  The officer was amazed that the air bags did not deploy.  We were part of a miracle that day.  God watches over us.

I'm not sure why we were there at that exact moment - we had decided not to wait until Sunday to go in because we didnt want to skip church.  I was going to check the mail but decided not to.  If I had waited longer at the stop light....every second counts - but at that moment we were there in the intersection.  I'm not sure what purpose God had for us at that moment but I believe there are no accidents. 

In fact - when my neighbor learned of the accident she came over with a title in hand and gave us her car!  It has a few major problems that need to be fixed -but we had a car!  


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