Younique Retreat Part 2

My room - so sweet! Home away from home. My room mate choose the smaller bed leaving me with a huge king size bed all to myself. The colors were my favorite - blue with browns. The bathroom was clean and perfectly perfect. The room and bathroom were very important in helping me with the anxiety I was having about being at the retreat. I didn't know what to expect and so to find a place so relaxing and comfortable was a huge bonus!

Younique Retreat Part 1

I had the most amazing experience ever... 

I filled out an application to attend a Younique Retreat.  I was picked within weeks and invited to go to Springville Utah to a cabin up in the Hobble Creek area.

What is a Younique Retreat?
A place where woman survivors of childhood abuse can go to a safe environment and receive education and new tools to help cope with their trauma and abuse.  Some of the tools taught and used:

 Group Therapy
 Creative Writing
Assertive Communication
Cooking Classes
Understanding Addiction
Self defense

KINTSUGI art of mending the broken places with gold dust - making it more valuable and beautiful