Meet the children

March 1, 1996

I’m sitting in my room typing on my new computer that I’m buying from my mother.  It’s a great computer.  It was originally $2,400 but with interest it is going to cost over $3000.  I’ve learned that loans and anything to do with interest is bad.  Very bad.  The sooner I get this debt paid off the better.

I’ve been a nanny for  almost 3 months.  The children like me with the exception of when they don’t get their way.  Michael is 8 and very intelligent.  He is very punctual and organized.  He likes to read and does very well in school.  Mike is taking art and is very talented in that area.  He worries about everything and is very shy to strangers.  He likes to do things to please his parents.

Elliot is 6 and likes to collect bugs.  He is very scientific and explores everything.  Unlike Michael, Elliot has his own time clock and has to be reminded to do stuff.  Elliot is fun to play with because his imagination is very broad.  Elliot has a love for the outdoors and nature.  Elliot is full of energy and recharges with 12 hours of sleep.  He is in Gymnastics.

Alexis just turned 4 and is a leap year baby.  She has a temper but is very sweet and loving.  She loves to socialize, wear dresses, dance with her ballet class and sing.  She loves to help with baby Madison.  She is always giving out hugs and kisses.

Madison is 4 months old and a bundle of joy.  A sweet little angel.  She only cries when tired, hungry or wet.  I love to cuddle her and she loves to be sung to.  Lately she is able to lift her head up off the floor and grab toys.  She has finally mastered putting herself to sleep without having to be held and rocked.  

I enjoy being here with the family.  I’ve learned a lot about parenting.  My duties include cooking breakfast lunch and dinner.  Get the children ready for school.  Helping them with their homework and chores.  Cleaning house.  Taking the children to gymnastics, ballet and art.  I feel like more than just their guardian.  The children often refer to me as their big sister.