Letters from the Carlyle - A new adventure

I was just a country girl thrown on a city bull...that I wasn't ready to ride.  Decked out in Roper boots, worn jean jacket and a baseball cap placed carefully on backwards. I got off the plane and meandered down to the baggage claim.

The excitement of all the people and so many cultures.  Business suites to children in pajamas raced past me.  My last moment of freedom.  I stopped to freshen up in the woman's restroom.  Crying babies, wait lines and women staring in the mirrors filled the entire space.  A sudden panic attack came over me.  What if they don't like me?  I took my cap off and tried to comb through my hair with my fingers.  Felling out of place and very much like a country rat caught in a fine restaurant.

I dodged the flow of people and started to look for a Polo Sweater with a bear on it.  It had struck me funny - a middle aged man wearing a teddy bear sweater?  I had laughed on the phone but worried about what I was going to wear to meet them.  He had asked me what I would be wearing and I had no answer - who picks out their clothes in advance I wondered.  My comfortable attire that had suited me so well for my entire life just got itchy and uncomfortable.  I wished I could have climbed right out of them and sported a new look.

Perhaps a skirt with shiny black shoes and a ladies feathered hat.  Or maybe something preppy - a cotton shirt with a scarf, tweed pants and clogs?  As I amused myself with these kind of thoughts I walked straight into the path of the teddy bear sweater I was looking for.

There was no time to look them over before I introduced myself.  There we were standing face to face. Hi! I said blushing.  I'm Jessica.  The man reached out to shake my hand.

To be continued...