Rosie and Randy

Merry Christmas Love Always Jess 

Who taught the sun where to stand in the morning?
And Who told the ocean you can only come this far?
And Who showed the moon where to hide 'til evening?
Whose words alone can catch a falling star?

Well I know my Redeemer lives
I know my Redeemer lives
All of creation testifies
This life within me cries
I know my Redeemer lives yeah

The very same God that spins things in orbit
Runs to the weary, the worn and the weak
And the same gentle hands that hold me when I'm broken
They conquered death to bring me victory

Now I know my Redeemer lives
I know my Redeemer lives
Let all creation testify
Let this life within me cry
I know my Redeemer, He lives

To take away my shame
And He lives forever, I'll proclaim
That the payment for my sin
Was the precious life He gave
But now He's alive and
There's an empty grave

And I know my Redeemer lives
I know my Redeemer lives
Let all creation testify
Let this life within me cry
I know my Redeemer,

I know my Redeemer
I know my Redeemer lives
I know my redeemer lives
I know that I know that I know that I know that I know my redeemer lives
Because He lives I can face tomorrow
I Know I know
He lives he lives yeah yeah I spoke with him this morning
He lives he lives, the tomb is empty,
He lives I gotta tell everybody

Around Town on Nantucket

Reverend Ted Anderson

I had found a card that reminded me of Ted Anderson.  It was a water color of Orange St with the church in the background.  I marched it over to him after I wrote some mushy words inside.        I walked quietly into the great big room. I almost didn't see him sitting quietly in a pew reading.  He saw me as soon as I spotted him.  My heart smiled as he glanced up to see who was invading his quiet time.  He asked me to sit with him and I walked up the long aisle and handed him the card. 

I found something that reminded me of you - but you can't read it until after I leave.  He chuckled and said " Why don't you take a card from the back?"  We walked to a table full of pamphlets and such.  He handed me a card with a view of the church from Stone Alley -my secret walkway!  There was a little boy with jeans, red shirt and red baseball cap walking up the alley with oars thrown over his shoulder from fishing. 

"Do you know who this is?" he asked.  "You?" I inquired?  "No, but do you know that when I was a young boy I used to walk up stone alley after fishing and I always wore a red shirt -blue cap and I used to carry the oars over my shoulder just like that.  "Maybe it is you," I said.  Sheepishly smiling.

He asked about my job. I told him, "It has it's ups and downs, but you grin and bear it."  He nodded his head in agreement and said "I know what you mean."  "You know, a dear friend of mine passed away this week.  Good, good woman."

 "The one you spoke about this morning?  I interrupted..."
 "Yes!" he said.  "She was 94 and she has been married to her husband for 73.  Now the family is thinking of putting her husband into a retirement home - an expensive one- to justify doing it."  His eyes looked so sad.  I didn't say anything - just nodded my head and looked him in the eyes.  "Was that her husband in the front row this morning?" I asked.  Ted nodded his head to say yes.  "Wonderful man - that man is."  We talked in general and I asked if he wanted something to eat from town because he hadn't had lunch yet and was waiting for an appointment to show up.  "Do you know?  I said...

 His eyes got wide and he looked at me as if I were about to tell him something great  "... at Something Natural, they have these huge wicked awesome chocolate chip cookies this big!"  as I held out my hands to exaggerate the size.  He laughed and said "Yes!"  Matt Fee who owns the place.  I know him.  I married him.  "You did?" I said in wonderment.  "Oh Yes!" he said.  "I marry everyone!"  "Aha ha ha ha, he laughed and his eyes twinkled. 

Gone Fishing

Rainy Day

St Thomas

Fall on Nantucket