Guess who gets to dress up and play Santa for a certain organization this year?

Maybe I should warn a few certain people?

Maybe I should just pinch their children and tell them that their parents have been naughty this year?

Maybe I should give away bits and pieces of coal!

Children, beware of wolfs in Shepperd's clothing!

Mu ha ha ha....

Just kidding!

I love to play Santa and I have my own suit.

I started playing Santa when I was 19 in Alpine Utah.
It was too much fun.

I haven't played Santa since I have been married.
7 years now. I am a litttle rusty.

I'm practicing my Ho ho ho's and it's driving my children nutty!

So watch out!
Santy Clause is Watching You!

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Anonymous said...

How much fun is that? I never even thought about doing that. What a terrific opportunity. Do your kids know that you get to do that?

Thanks so much for your comment on my post. At our house, Santa actually brings each child 3 gifts since that is what the wisemen brought baby Jesus.

The guess what I got game is not any fun. Luckily our kids are still young enough that we haven't had to fight it much.

Have a wonderful Christmas and have fun being Santa...:)