I have THE BEST HUSBAND ever!!

He had to drive to Billings MT yesterday to make a delivery for the company he works for and he stopped at Words of Wisdom and picked out a few things.

First of all, last week he asked his boss for an advance so he could SURPRISE me with a brand new washer and dryer. Maytag set of twins. I got twice as much laundry done in half the time! The funny thing about that is that the boss couldn't make good on the advance because they were no longer doing that for their employee's and Darrel had to tell me about it.... but we have it covered - after all, I am the bomb when it comes to finances. But it took the air out of the surprise for Darrel. I love you so much Honey and I absolutely loved your surprise!

But the second SURPRISE came from Billings. Darrel knows that I love Greg Olsen art and that one day I would like the entire house to be covered in it. For example look at my side bar at all the wonderful paintings of Christ.....

Well, he picked me out a framed piece of art from that collection and it is being shipped with a promise from myself that I would not peek until Christmas....I am really going to try hard not to.

But wait, there's more.... I am feeling so spoiled! We do not make purchases like this all at once and at such a price. We have really really splurged.....

Darrel got me (drumroll) Michael McLeans performance of the Forgotten Carols on DVD! Yes! The actual play is on DVD! I had no idea that it even existed! I snuck a peek at it but turned it off until Darrel and I can sit down and watch it for a datenight. Remember me feeling sorry for myself a few posts ago? So Jami, you are off the hook - you don't have to come sing for me.

And then there was the bubble wrap from a picture Darrel bought for himself.
Ahh the bubble wrap. I took a video of the kids. HILARIOUS!

Dear Darrel,
You know that I love you and I loved you before this,
but this gives me reason to brag about you -
Bragging isn't very Christlike - but I have to let everyone know
how wonderful and terrific you really are!


rychelle said...

you are one lucky lady!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day of love and surprises for you! Congrats!

tammy said...

What a great guy!