Tuesday November 18th 2008

The family was getting ready for church and my oldest daughter is putting on her pantyhose -( TIGHTS! )

She cooly asks me when she is going to get boobs and when she can wear a bra.


I caught her earlier trying to make boobs by stuffing balls in her shirt.

She is only four and she gets into trouble for playing with my makeup.

I am so in for it. I can tell.

In church I notice Sister "so and so" is wearing a very flirtatious dress and I compliment her on it. Later after my lesson is over another sister addresses me on a job well done and says she was thinking about how beautiful I am.... I interrupted her to say "Oh, not as beautiful as the lady wearing the flirtatious dress."

No she says, She is beautiful like a model for the front of a magazine. You are beautiful on the inside and out.

I was speechless. Not because of the comment but because I was wondering where my daughter was learning to behave the way she is behaving. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I will focus on teaching my daughter about inward beauty.

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