Candid Carrie Friday Photo Fun

Candid Carrie threw out the idea of renovations
So here's a few remodelings we've done...

Lets start in the kitchen:

Then in the dining room:

The Front Room:

Off to the side - the piano room:

The Sitting Room:

The gym: minus the ballarina

The kids room:

My room:

A Hint of the Guest Bedroom:

The Laundry Rooms and Bathrooms:

A look outside my back window:

Off to the Left:

Off to the Right:

The Front Walk:

My driveway:

By the way,

you knew this was fictional,


Dream Big!

(pictures have been torn out of Better Home and Gardens Magazines)


Jami said...

Dude! Your house looks just like mine!! Great minds think alike, right?

Loralee and the gang... said...

It looks a little different in the wide-open state than I remember...hahah
(We all have our dreams, and yours are a lot like mine!)

Mrs. Blue said...

LOL...I want to live in your dream too :)

And yes, we are fortunate to travel and live in many different places thanks to the USAF.

Nana said...

I kept pictures torn out of magazines for about 10 yrs. Until I could build my real house. It's identicle? (I watched an R rated movie tonight and can't think straight. I try to sound so innocent.) Anyway I didn't quite get your house but it turned out pretty good. Dreamin big is the only way to go.

rychelle said...

your place is very plush ;)

lmerie said...

LOL- if the inside was like that, I think I would even be pleased with the dog house!!

Nouveau Me said...

Have you been collecting the pictures over time? Because they do all go together, I think you've figured out your style. You've got a kind of airy European/Classical/Georgian/grand scale thing going on.

rychelle said...

um, yeah i "got it".

i'm pretty sure this line "pictures have been torn out of Better Home and Gardens Magazines" didn't leave any room for second guessing......;)

RhondaLue said...

I love it!