Did not go to Idaho. Roads closed everywhere.
Bahumbug. (Sigh)

I am updating my blog by visiting everyone who followed my old blogs and finally adding them to my new blog.

Yep! Checking up on everyone....Watch out! You might be next!


McEwens said...

Bummer for you.......... maybe you can go up later???

DesertHen said...

So sorry you didn't get to make your trip. Will you be able to go up later? We got hit with that storm before it made it to Idaho. We have over a foot of snow and that is so unusual for us. It changed our Christmas plans too...we had no power, so I couldn't cook the big meal, so we ended up braving the roads to get to my folks and son...then we all went out to eat...that was a first for us all.

Lisa Loo said...

Sorry for your bah humbug. I don't know how but I think I finally have yor right blog address so I can follow you on my blog roll. Godd to see you again!!

Cynthia said...

This weather is something else!

As for the cake balls- you can get the recipe off allrecipes.com. They're pretty easy if you follow a few simple tips. Basically you just make a cake of your choice then crumble it up and stir in 2/3 can of whatever frosting you want. Use a cookie scoop to make the balls then freeze them solid. Dip in dipping chocolate. I used a fondue fork for dipping and another fondue fork to press against the dipped ball and pull out the fork.

Anyway, they're a lot of fun to do but make sure to use dipping chocolate or you'll probably have a disaster like I did the first time.