Here we come, a caroling...

Last night I was with the youth caroling and riding a trailer stacked with hay.

The young men and young women sang carols off tune at the top of their lungs and it was freezing cold!

I had a sweatshirt, a hooded sweatshirt and winter coat on, hat mittens, and I froze my little fingers off!

We stopped off for Christmas cookies and Hot Chocolate and I was very glad to call the night over and head home.

This morning though, I was hotter than a red hen.
Money was missing in the form of a check and I called the babysitter about it.

"did you get a check last night from one of my parents?"

"um, yah.... I think so..... I put it on the t.v. - no, um I think I put it on top of the Fridge....."

No check. I tore the house apart looking for it. Pulled the fridge out and looked on top, underneath, behind, on the sides. In the pantry. In the drawers.

In the trash, in the couch, on the shelfs, behind the t.v. - nowhere to be found.
I tried the sitter's cell phone and she won't answer. She hasn't returned my phone messages either.

So I called the parent and had him cancel his check. How could she even dare try and cash it?? She may have put it in her pocket and forgot to put it on the fridge - but she won't return my calls. She is looking pretty guilty right now but until I talk to her again I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Too bad my mind is racing with thoughts of putting up a want ad with her picture on it and giving it to all the banks so that she won't be able to cash it.

I'm looking for a responsible babysitter who will sit for my four children so I can fullfill my church duties. But I can't find one. I may have to take my kids to daycare!
Imagine that! Daycare lady takes her kids to daycare! I thought about putting an advertisement in the high schools but I just don't dare..... would you do that? How well do you trust your babysitter?

I was a nanny and found out that they had a nanny camera.... I was horrified even though I hadn't done anything wrong....well they caught me picking my nose and once I gave the lady of the house the bird finger when she was yelling at me from upstairs.... but where does trust end and demeaning spying begins?

I've never had to leave my kids with anyone before - except with relatives and 3 or 4 people I have gotten to know very well. So this is really hard for me to do. I know I am being paranoid about this - but my children are my valuables and completely irreplaceable.

That reminds me - Daddy Warbucks (name changed) used to tell me to drive carefully whenever I went out because they could replace the car but could not replace me. I never believed him but thought it was a sweet thing to say. As a parent I now know that he really meant it. And I totally understand why they never let me go and do things with their kids. It was nothing against me... they were just protecting their valuables.

So.... who watches your children and how well do you trust them?


rychelle said...

i don't have any kids, so i'm not much help. sorry!

but i do love caroling, followed up by about a gallon of hot chocolate!

McEwens said...

yikes!!! I have found good ones at church, but sounds like no luck for you these. my BEST sitter was a boy, having all boys they loved it, my house was a wreck when I got home-however the boys were happy! They still talk about Ian and what a great sitter he was!

Cynthia said...

I agree that my best babysitter (outside of family) is the boy next door. I also find that older girls are actually LESS responsible than the younger ones. The younger ones were always more excited/interested in the actually playing with the kids etc. than the older ones.

Fortunately, I've also rarely needed a sitter as I have a lot of family around.

I'd be pretty nervous about that check too. Yikes!

tara @ kidz said...

Thank goodness I have parents and in-laws very close who are dying to watch my little girl. We've never used a sitter. I'm sure the day will come though.... Yikes!

I stopped by through Daily Scoop and I'm glad I did!

Mother Goose said...

we never had baby sitters, we watied until my oldest was old enough and then we went out, or we asked good friends. We do not live near family and if we truly needed a sitter, we always chose a youth from church.

Nouveau Me said...

We hired teenagers from church, usually we had gotten to know the family. Now our teens watch each other. Or I hire their friends when my teens are going somewhere the same night as Awesome and I.