Life and Death

My sister takes care of age-ing ladies in her home. It is often a physical and emotioal challenge. This week was especially hard. One of the daughters of these women came to visit their mother and went out to her car to get a check. She never came back in. She had died in her car after she had written out the check. Her last duty on earth was to comfort and visit her mother. My brother in law performed CPR but she was already gone. My sister's entire family witnessed the event and are struggling with the concept of death and passing on.... we are all LDS and our belief is life after death but it is still so hard to see something like that.

There is a young woman who is due to give birth to a little baby girl anytime this week. That baby is being placed into my sister's family to love and care for and to make part of their forever family. I am so excited for their family because they were choosen. They got a phone call to see if they were interested. The mother wanted the baby to be raised in their family because of their beliefs and standards and for the way they live their daily lives.

It made me think about the way I am living my life. Life and death. Our time is so precious. Are we living in such a way that when we reflect on the past that there are no regrets, no sorrows, no I wish I hadnt have done that.... what are the things we need to be doing?

I have a few changes to make in my life to be where I think I should be -


rychelle said...

i am constantly working on getting myself where i should be.

congratulations to your sister and her family on their new addition!

McEwens said...

That is a great thought question.... where am I? Am I headed in the right direction

Cynthia said...

That's quite an eventful week. It certainly does make you think. I feel really lucky to be 36 and only have some small regrets. I'm so grateful I made good choices when I was young as I'm now reaching the age where we're all hemmed in by the choices we made in our late teens and 20's.

I know that the reason I was able to make good choices was good family and the teachings of the gospel.

Congratulations to your sister's family. What a special opportunity adoption provides. My neice and nephew were just chosen as well. They've been waiting for 13 years and, if all goes well, will adopt twin girls in the next month or so.

tammy said...

I think we all have things we could change or do better. I'm thankful that Heavenly Father knows our true intent, and what's in our heart, and is very loving and forgiving.