I love Christmas part fifteen

Tonight is the Big Night
Santa will be in town
The excited children will
climb on his lap and whisper
what they want for Christmas

But I won't be there.
The "flu bug" has hit
and I can hardly wiggle.
So in my place....
My husband.
He hates doing "Santa"
Or so he says...
But he is doing it for me.
I love that Man.

You should have seen him
trying on the suit
Twirling around in front of the mirror
mocking me...
Does this make my butt look big?

He looks so much better in it than I do -
After all he is a man.
A very tall strong built man
with a teddy bear stomach.
All mine.

I love Christmas
And I love Santa

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!


Nouveau Me said...

cool poem. good husband.

Mother Goose said...

i love christmas too!