First comes love second comes marriage third comes the baby in the baby carriage!

Jons Birth Story

My water broke at 430 in the morning.  We had moved into our home the night before and set up the bed and unpacked our clothes.  We were exhausted!  We arrived at the hospital before 6 am and waited and waited and waited.  I had to have meds to help the contractions and to be fully dilated.

They said I was ready to start pushing at 3 and called for the doctor.  He was busy with a full house of other mothers giving birth that he didn't come right away.

Finally after all day of weak contractions I started pushing at 5 pm.  Jon stuck his hand out to tell us he was in there and they had to shove it back in.  His head got stuck but it was too late to do a c-section.  They got the forceps and vacum out.  I was beginning to think I wouldn't have the strength to finish and the pain was incredible.  3 hours later at 803 pm Jonathon came into the world.  His arm was all bruised and he had been nicked by the knife on top of his head when they cut me to help get him out.

It was a moment I will never forget.  Our eyes connected and I felt I had known his spirit forever.  I think back about his pregnancy and remember the hiccups.  The kicking.  The cravings for chili and pickles. The 5 first months of morning sickness...afternoon sickness....evening sickness... but I loved knowing that I was going to be a mother and have a little boy.

We were able to have Jon in our room with us the entire time.  He had jaundice and his blood sugar levels were off so they kept pricking his little foot for blood testing.  We were so glad to get out of there and take him home.  We had to take a jaundice crib with us and use it at home.

He didn't eat well so we had to bottle feed him and use a medicine dropper to get food into him.  He was very lethargic and didn't seem to be bonding with us.  The first five months he lay on a pillow and watched the ceiling fan go round and round.  We took him in to see a specialist and discovered he had water on the brain - Hydrocephalus.

The first 3 years of his life he had a soft spot on the top of his head as big as a baseball.  When he was three the plates in his head grew together very quickly and formed a ridge on top of his head.  We went to see another specialist and he was diagnosed with cranial synostosis.  He had surgery to separate the plates and they sanded down the ridge so that it was flat.

Jon started crawling about 9 months old.  He started walking about 16 months.  When he realized he was mobile he was everywhere climbing on everything.  We used to joke that if he could get a toe hold on something he could climb it.  Usually it was on top of the counters, over the baby gate, out of his crib...he was an escape artist.  We went to the ER every time he bumped his head or fell because he would get HUGE goosebumps.  One time he drank an entire bottle of tylenal and had to have his stomach pumped.  We had to watch him closely every single moment.  We couldn't take our eyes off him for a second.  One time he walked his walker down the stairs.  He was fast and furious! As he got older he found bigger things to climb - chain link fences...  we thought a 6 foot fence would keep him in but he found ways around, under, over and through.  He started going to the childrens center for physical therapy and speech when he was three.  It was heartbreaking to see him get on the bus and leave our protection but it was just what he needed to keep his active mind busy and he loved the social aspect of playing with others his age.  He thrived on it.