Help I've fallen and other excuses

I've fallen victim to this blogger world. Here I type while my children gladly destroy the house knowing that mommy is in her office and it's safe to do whatever their little heart pleases.

Mommy? Are you in your office? It's a dead give away that they are about to do something mischievous. Sometimes I just let them so I can have a few moments to myself.... but in the end it is disastrous .... my Vida lo ca? (my crazy life)

So now I will excuse myself and play 21pickup with a bag of Cheetos and wipe pop off the leather couch. No picture...sorry.

I just love Sundays

My son has autistic behavior. We do not have a diagnoses for him because of the medical problems he has had since birth. Some days it is a trial - and other days a delight to see what he will do.

Today was sad. It was the primary program and he was up there making his shrieking noises and the teachers were trying to get him under control. He took off his shoes, climbed on the organ, sat on the railing, wouldn't let children go by him by blocking the way.....

I finally decided to intervene and took him off the stand. He immediately calmed down and fell asleep in my lap. I watched as the normal children continued the program. My eyes filled with tears wondering what kind of life he was going to have. Would he be able to marry? Continue into college? Would he be able to be on his own? So many questions that only time will tell.

We start a therapy tomorrow for him. It's called Reiki. It is healing with energy that the therapist will radiate from herself to Jon to calm him down. I have seen it done before on colicky infants and even had the therapy done on myself. But that was with a dear trusted friend. I have only visited with this new therapist over the phone. She is a 73 year old great grandma.

Today is my mothers birthday. She wasn't home when I called to wish her a happy birthday. Even though she will never read this - here's to a Happy Birthday Mom. Even though we are miles apart it is probably a good thing - we would drive each other crazy. Love you.

Go ahead and steal my television

I called my mom to see if she had seen my blog yet. She went off on "dear, why would you want to expose yourself to the whole world. Anyone can see it - what if they found out who you were and came and killed your family and ransacked your house?"

She doesn't share my love of blogging.

Yes, I suppose that if someone really truly wanted to find out who I am then they could probably do it - But unless they had a personal grudge against me why on earth would they want to come and "Get Me"? Plus I am on the lower end of the social class and the most expensive thing that I own, besides the house and cars - is the television sets. So go ahead! Steal my television. And for that whole kidnapping my kids......if you ever do take one and want to bring them back? Just make sure they are fed and clean.

MOM! Don't forget Valorie!

The kids totally dote on her

They wake her up just to play

They steal her toys and her baby seats!

It's a good thing she is so laid back!

Yucky Laundry

Spent the last two days doing tons of laundry - mostly towels and bedding. After getting their immunization shots my girls started vomiting every other hour. Of course it's not a reaction the nurse told me - they must have the flu! Yeah right. They feel better now but the swelling in my daughters arm is just barely going down. That stuff is scary. Wish I had a choice - you really don't. You cannot enroll your child in public schools without their shots.

Update.... you can enroll your child but you have to fill out a form with the school.

Double Trouble!

Oh so sly, the I didn't do it look.
She makes the best Drama Queen!

Making Imaginary Snowmen

Extremely Exhausted after immunizations today

Spagettio's , Pizza and Popsicles! What's not to smile about?

They are as different as night and day...

Waiting for the bus

Oh my - that smile is almost too mischievous

And in Jonathons corner...

Here he is trying to escape... Playing endless hours with Thomas the Train

With his wrestling buddy Sam

Who knows what he was trying to do here???

Aw, My little monster...gotta love him!

Potty Head?

She is my most adventurous child
and today she got into the potty seat!
It was just too funny not to document it!!
It got stuck and we had to gentle pry it off -
followed with a good bathtub of course!

Time for shots

Agh! I have dosed all my girls up with Tylenol and Motrin. We are behind on shots and boy are they going to get it today! Is there something that Mommy's can take? I feel so sick to my stomach for them. I'm not going to take pictures of this ( I am annal about picture taking).
But document it nontheless because when they grow up and have children of their own - they can look back and know that I truly do sympathize with them. Mothers just wish they could take their children's pain away..... but that isn't how life works.

Time is money, Money is time

They just don't make things like they used to. My furniture store is coming today to see about a broken spring in the couch that is ripping up the cushion. We've only had the couches since mothers day.... We bought a kitchen table and chairs from them - the chairs have all but fallen apart and they wouldn't do anything about it. So we shall see!

I have a friend that firmly believes that acting irate and @#* will get you anything you want. I am a firm believer that you should stand behind your product and what you are selling. Whether it is furniture, standards or religion. We all make mistakes but one should not purposely slack on what they are selling. One should not have to behave like an animal to get their way or to be reimbursed what is due to them.

For example, my daycare - I advertised that I would do preschool but got so busy that I didn't have time to sit down and do arts and crafts and sing and entertain their children in a school fashion. I had some parents so mad at me that they withdrew their child from my daycare.

So we live, we learn, we go on with life. As my friend that likes to act irate says "Time is money, money is time!"

I say. Time is precious don't waste it acting like a @#*.

To my friend.... I love you just the way you are. It is okay that we disagree

You shouldn't laugh at your husband

I'm snickering. It's a form of a laugh. The kind that happens when you see someone else struggling, but it's too funny so you snicker - a real laugh would be inappropriate.

I sent my husband grocery shopping. He returned and on the way in - dropped a gallon of milk. That was the first in a long chain of messes. He then went to put food away in the fridge and decided to clean up the girls pancake mess that they made several messes and days from before. Which lead to cleaning the entire fridge out.... when he tried to put the drawers back into the fridge - they wouldn't fit. He had to pull the entire thing out to get the doors to open wide. From there...(snicker) every cookbook that was leaning against the side of the fridge fell down behind it making more messes! I said to him "why don't you clean the floor while you have the fridge pulled out?" (more snickering)

While he was putting the food away I was busy cleaning child #3. She had gotten into the baby's formula and dumped a can of corn into it. Same concept as water plus dirt equals mud. And wouldn't you know it - Child #2 was downstairs coloring herself with magic markers. (Snicker)

4 little monkeys jumping on the bed...

Confession..... my husband likes to be on time for everything - SO....
we were ready for church far far in advance and the kids were bored.
Jumping on the bed was their idea of passing the time.

....daddy's gone a hunting

What's so funny about this is that we knew they weren't going to come home with anything. Not with a four wheeler, motorcycle and 20 bags of groceries!

School days

I love waiting for the bus. Standing at the bottom of the driveway, the air is crisp and cool in the morning. Sunny and warm in the afternoon and smells like winter coming. The kids love looking under rocks, running around the yard, looking up and down the street for the bus....

Sarah just got on the bus. It is her second week going to school. I jump for joy that she is loving it but I want to pull her back and kiss her and hold her and never let her go. She has adjusted wonderfully.

Jon loves school. But it wears him out. He comes home very tired and emotional. Although my work load is extremely light when he is at school - I miss him. He has slept in his own bed in his own room for 4 nights in a row...... HOLY COW. I might actually get to sleep in my own bed now.

My kids are growing up. It is bitter sweet.

It's a happy day.

I didn't accomplish anything on my to do list today. My good friend Jessica came over with 2 huge boxes of donuts - comfort food she said. Her friend recently found out that she has cancer that will take her life very quickly and she hasn't much time left. After crying for a few weeks she came out of her depression long enough to say "live for today, don't live for the future". Of course you need to plan for the future and prepare. What she means is live in today. Enjoy today. Enjoy all the little things. The meaningless things. Don't wait for that happy day when you are finally out of debt.... or have enough money to do this or to do that. I'll be happy when.....

Be happy today. Enjoy others. Be kind. Go out of your way to make someone else happy. Therein you find true happiness...Today. So the dishes are still in the sink, 20 loads of laundry in neat little seperated piles wait their turn for the washer and the jam has dried on the counter from breakfast. I held my babies and kissed them, let them jump all over the couches and we had doughnuts for lunch. Its a happy day.

The family that prays together stays together

This is my beautiful sister Josilyn holding my infant daughter

This is Troy and Josilyn posing for me

They make a wonderful couple!

Jared Troy Josilyn Krystal