We are going home to Idaho! And not for just one day neither! We will travel Thursday and spend Fri,Sat,Sun, and come home on Monday. The last time I was home was for one day - Jadon's wedding. The time before that was before Alta was born so it really is time for a vacation and see some family. We had to invest in 4 brand new car seats - the kind that the kids can't get out of.... it's a 9-12 hour drive depending on how many potty breaks and stops you take. All we are taking for entertainment is a dvd player, spray bottles, dry erase boards (won't that be fun), books, a doll or two, a few cars for Jon and the best - Grandma Lorna to tend to the kids. Lot's of snacks, lots of baby wipes, some kid music and a half way stop at McDonalds playground.(Yah, lots of germs!) I expect to get some great pictures!

4th of July

The little kiddies spent the fourth of July "Park Hopping"
Grandpa Martin and Grandma Lorna came over and watched
them light fireworks in the backyard. Dad and Grandpa laid new
sod in the front yard all day and Mom and Dad fell asleep putting
the kiddies to bed and missed out on fireworks!
Outside my Window...The dog is barking at passerbys.

I am thinking...I should get off this blog world and get my work done.

From the learning room...crayons, paper, stickers, books, puzzles, blocks......

I am thankful family, my home, my health - the usual.

From the kitchen...lots of dirty dishes, potato chips are saying - eat me, eat me!

I am wearing... my black apron for daycare, jeans and t-shirt, shiny lip gloss.

I am reading...everyone else's blogs.

I am hoping...that my husband does really well with his new job.

I am creating...a happy environment for my children and the daycare. If mama isn't happy, no one is happy

I am hearing...traffic going by, snoring children...

Around the house...little things here and there that need to be done and caught up on before they turn into really big ones!

One of my favorite things...writing, photography.

A few plans for the rest of the week...take my children to the inlaws for MIL's birthday.