Hope and Change

We've changed alot of things around our house. The biggest change was Love and Logic. I think it is my new religion. Ha ha! Totally found my calling in life. So that is a change that I'm sticking with. I won't bore you with any stories but it's defiantly a daily part of our lives. Okay, just one story...

I was at my class and my husband was putting the kids to bed and they weren't listening and he was getting upset. My daughter looked at her dad and said - you need to take mommys logic class!

Other changes... We tossed the milk - too many allergies. We got rid of cold cereal with all the sugar in them. We got rid of the internet, the television and the phone. Everyone is still going through withdrawels and I find myself at the library this morning waiting for the doors to open so I can blog. Some changes have been good and easily incorporated into our lives and other changes are harder to live with. In prepartation for some even bigger changes I have sold most of our huge belongings and have dejunked every room and every drawer and every corner of our house. There are a few who have been concerned with this behavior but I am very much in charge of where I want to take my family and the goals I want to accomplish - What's that old saying? Stupidity is doing the same things over and over expecting to get different results?

We are changing. We are learning and growing. We are doing things differently with hopes of better outcomes. I will miss blogging daily - weekly and I am really going to miss sharing my pictures but here's to a better future and better relationships with my family. I hope to be back soon. Oh the stories I will have to tell!

Love always, Messy Jess