Children and Technology

Children and Technology
 Right there in the title it says NO with NO apologies... ha ha ha
My kids are NEVER getting a cell phone UNTIL they are old enough to have a job, make their own payments BUT they seem to think that if they come up with enough reasons I might cave in and get them a cell phone for Christmas-

Good luck with that kids ha ha ha!

 Speaking of getting older...
They are getting old too fast - Sarah went off to 5th grade camp for 3 whole days - I missed her : ( 

Old addictions

Back to old addictions...collection Fisher Price because the children never tire of these toys!

Dad and Jon go hunting

Jons first time hunting.  He has been waiting his whole life for this!  : ) 
 So thankful for the meat.  God we thank Thee for this deer who has lived his life to give us meat 
and ask that it bring us health and well being. For this we thank Thee for.

Silly Girls

Because so much is said in a picture. So many memories. 
The girls and I are playing on dads new Notepad -We left him a few surprises.

Work appreciation!

Appreciate your daddy day - Darrel took the kids and his parents out to see the mine where he works.  Hopefully they will appreciate their daddy a little more after seeing how he spends his days : )

Casper Park

We stopped on our long trip home from Idaho and played at a park in Casper.  Never too old to play!