Guess who gets to dress up and play Santa for a certain organization this year?

Maybe I should warn a few certain people?

Maybe I should just pinch their children and tell them that their parents have been naughty this year?

Maybe I should give away bits and pieces of coal!

Children, beware of wolfs in Shepperd's clothing!

Mu ha ha ha....

Just kidding!

I love to play Santa and I have my own suit.

I started playing Santa when I was 19 in Alpine Utah.
It was too much fun.

I haven't played Santa since I have been married.
7 years now. I am a litttle rusty.

I'm practicing my Ho ho ho's and it's driving my children nutty!

So watch out!
Santy Clause is Watching You!

The aftermath

The white blinking lights on our Christmas tree
the one I begged Darrel to put up for Thanksgiving

Auntie and baby Valorie

Uncle Jane - as the kids called him! Darrel looks on.

I didn't do it...

enjoying the last rays of sunshine

Grandma said it was the most relaxed Thanksgiving ever

Humor me guys!

The "spread"

The goodies

Possibly, this was the best Thanksgiving ever.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house and it was a great success. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmingly thankful for all that we have been given and the blessings we enjoy every single day.

I had a prayer in my heart that lasted all day for those who did not have family, who were alone, for those that had little or no food to eat... for those who might never experience the real meaning of Thanksgiving... for those that can't get along with their families and weren't together.

It was just an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for what I have. My family. My extended family. The "In Laws". The food. Leftovers. Warm Home. Nice weather. The feeling of missing my family that weren't there.... I could go on forever.

We cooked all morning. My husband took the kids to McDonald's for a pancake breakfast. The house smelt wonderful. The food was delicious and perfect. The setting was peaceful and friendly. There was such a feeling of love that come in the door when the relatives walked in....I cannot describe the feelings with words. Except Gratitude. Thankfulness. Appreciation. Instead of feeling depressed for those who were going without I just soaked it all in and stayed in the moment. It will be a fond memory for sure.

I love being in this stage of my life. I've always wanted to be "here". All the years I spent taking care of other peoples families... this is what I really wanted. I just wanted to fast forward my life to this point and now I'm here. A wonderful loving forgiving husband. Beautiful precious children of my own. A home to live in and call my own. Friends and Family. I am trying to live in the moment. Enjoy this time and put into detail all the wonderful moments. It is going by too quickly. The fast forward button is stuck and life is turning the pages faster than I would like it to.

I would like to thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to see and appreciate the blessings that he has given me. To feel compassion for others and to share my home with friends, family and the daycare children that "live" with us.

It truly has been a Thanks-giving this year.


I have THE BEST HUSBAND ever!!

He had to drive to Billings MT yesterday to make a delivery for the company he works for and he stopped at Words of Wisdom and picked out a few things.

First of all, last week he asked his boss for an advance so he could SURPRISE me with a brand new washer and dryer. Maytag set of twins. I got twice as much laundry done in half the time! The funny thing about that is that the boss couldn't make good on the advance because they were no longer doing that for their employee's and Darrel had to tell me about it.... but we have it covered - after all, I am the bomb when it comes to finances. But it took the air out of the surprise for Darrel. I love you so much Honey and I absolutely loved your surprise!

But the second SURPRISE came from Billings. Darrel knows that I love Greg Olsen art and that one day I would like the entire house to be covered in it. For example look at my side bar at all the wonderful paintings of Christ.....

Well, he picked me out a framed piece of art from that collection and it is being shipped with a promise from myself that I would not peek until Christmas....I am really going to try hard not to.

But wait, there's more.... I am feeling so spoiled! We do not make purchases like this all at once and at such a price. We have really really splurged.....

Darrel got me (drumroll) Michael McLeans performance of the Forgotten Carols on DVD! Yes! The actual play is on DVD! I had no idea that it even existed! I snuck a peek at it but turned it off until Darrel and I can sit down and watch it for a datenight. Remember me feeling sorry for myself a few posts ago? So Jami, you are off the hook - you don't have to come sing for me.

And then there was the bubble wrap from a picture Darrel bought for himself.
Ahh the bubble wrap. I took a video of the kids. HILARIOUS!

Dear Darrel,
You know that I love you and I loved you before this,
but this gives me reason to brag about you -
Bragging isn't very Christlike - but I have to let everyone know
how wonderful and terrific you really are!

To catch a fox....

love ya! Messy Jess

A new game!

It's the new game of slide it down the banister!

How fast will it go?

What will they think of next?

Getting ready!

We got this in the mail from Aunt Angela.
Thank you!

Here are the dollar store dishes I got!

They are going to look so nice!

and this is another dollar store treasure!

3 little girls

The guys had gone to see the monster trucks

The girls were left to fend for themselves

So a night out on the town was in order!

We stayed up all night - at least until 10:30

Thank you Grandma for the accessories!

And so this is Christmas

This is so totally a journal entry and may be completely boring.
We are busy putting up Christmas decorations while the weather is cooperating.

Darrel has put candy canes all along the house and lit the edges of the house with big bulbs, little bulbs and everything in between.

Baby Jesus needs a new light bulb and then we are all done - outside.....

Cleaned the girls room AGAIN! I think I'm going to put all of their clothes in the closet and put a lock on it. No more going through 10 different changes of clothes everyday. I bet that will win me the worst mother of the year award! I'm getting good at this.

Christmas isn't even here yet and I'm dreading the passing of it. It's too bad we can't keep this good feeling of Christmas all through the year. So bahumbug to all of you out there! Tonight we are going to watch Christmas Vacation. Or maybe Polar Express?

The Polar Express Photos
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