And so this is Christmas

This is so totally a journal entry and may be completely boring.
We are busy putting up Christmas decorations while the weather is cooperating.

Darrel has put candy canes all along the house and lit the edges of the house with big bulbs, little bulbs and everything in between.

Baby Jesus needs a new light bulb and then we are all done - outside.....

Cleaned the girls room AGAIN! I think I'm going to put all of their clothes in the closet and put a lock on it. No more going through 10 different changes of clothes everyday. I bet that will win me the worst mother of the year award! I'm getting good at this.

Christmas isn't even here yet and I'm dreading the passing of it. It's too bad we can't keep this good feeling of Christmas all through the year. So bahumbug to all of you out there! Tonight we are going to watch Christmas Vacation. Or maybe Polar Express?

The Polar Express Photos
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rychelle said...

i LOVE christmas! and christmas decorations! and christmas movies! and the good-feeling-spirit-of-christmas! and new blog stalking buddies!!!!

tammy said...

I haven't even started on my Christmas decor yet. Hopefully this week! I wish that feeling could last all year too. But then maybe it wouldn't seem as special to us?

RhondaLue said...

We just took the kids to the ACTUAL polar express train depot for a ride to the north pole. SUPER FUN and magical! Check out my blog for the pics!

Now I need to rent the movie and watch with the kids!