In the Garden

 In the Garden,
the children were peaceful
the air smelled so heavenly
time stood still
More of this please!

Our family was asked to help out in the community garden.  It was a wonderful experience - we defiantly need more of this in our life's!

Dad and Jon go river rafting!

My new love - Chevy Tahoe

I used to be in love with the Dodge Durango.  I had one a long time ago - it even had a sunroof.  I was obsessed with the Durango....  I first saw one in 1995 and I was like whoa!  and then I was like WOW!

So much in love with it that my husband and kids now play the slug bug game with the durango. 

If someone sees a Dodge durango they yell out "DODGE DURANGO" and then say the color. 

If you mistake a vehicle for a durango then you lose a point and you can go into the negative.


I fell in love with the Chevy Tahoe. 


The insurance from the car accident finally came through and they gave us a rental car. 

I've been driving around in this 2015 model and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. 

I don't want to give it back to them.  They will have to pry it from my dead cold fingers LOL. 

I would give the car a hug but I don't want to scratch it. 

If ever I was a salesman - I would sale you this car- well not THIS car ...but you know what I mean.

Up goes the fence!

Good fences make good neighbors!

I'm normally peaceful and easy going but when the lady next door started complaining -

the ugly in me came out.

Long story - but I told her she was grouchy and hoped she would break a hip.


Yah. I said that.

Her daughter came over to see why I was so mad. We talked. We made up. Kind of. We talked about going half and half to finish the fence all the way to the back of the house to benefit both of us. I apologized to the daughter but I still haven't gone over to say sorry to the old lady.

Forgiving and asking for forgiveness is hard. It's miserable. But I know that as soon as I do it I will feel better. No need to carry this around and it will make her feel better too. I hope.