The end and a new beginning

We had our garage sale a week early. Whew. We made more money than I thought and I am really surprised that we sold as much as we did. We will do it again this Saturday and try to get rid of the rest of it.

I thought I was fine with it and I was until I woke up early Sunday morning feeling like I had been hit by a semi truck. I had a mini melt down. But Im fine again. In fact I don't even want to bring any of the leftovers back in. Just want to be finished.

The daycare is losing its numbers and pretty soon we will be officially closed. Two girls go back to school. 2 foster children are being moved to another set of relatives and 2 more children are going to live with their mother in Idaho. Normally I'd be panicked about so many kids leaving all at once but it's as if a divine intervention has taken place. My promptings about selling the toys has lead us to this door and it opened as soon as I heeded the little voice whispering in my ear.

The past year or so I have been distracted by blogging and facebook and then Farmtown... but I really need to get back to the basics and focus on my little family. My goal was to be completely out of debt and have a chunk of savings and retirement aside but none of that seems to matter anymore. Time flies by so fast.

I am focused on what needs to be done to get Valorie her surgery and then on spending quality time with my kids. I've been given a new lease on life and someone took the rose colored glasses and tossed them. I have so much to do with my kids. How can I distract myself from them any longer? I'm just glad that I am not too late.

We drove up to the Big Horn Mountains last Sunday and it was beautiful. Our children told us silly stories and we enjoyed each others company. I believe that God will direct us in our lives. I believe there is purpose and power in prayer. I believe this world is just a short pitstop in a grand journey. I'm trying not to get too side tracked or distracted.

We'll keep you updated on our progress. :)


I have been preoccupied with getting my house decluttered and dejunked. THE Garage Sale is 2 weeks away and it's going to be the Mother of all garage sales. We are officially un-officially retiring from daycare and selling all our wonderful toys

On top of that we have been researching where to take baby Valorie for treatment. She has been diagnosed with Cranial Synostosis which is where all the plates in her head have closed too soon.

We have already been through this before- with her big brother Jon.

I am not looking forward to it. I am dragging my feet and avoiding the thought. We do not have insurance this time around so it's going to be a challenge.

We could:

A - Sell our home and stop working so we can qualify for welfare benefits
B- Declare bankruptcy so we can at least keep the house and one vehicle and have myself stop working to qualify for welfare
C- go to one of the hospitals that will do it for free in lieu of experimental treatment
D-Wait and see what happens if we don't get Valorie in for surgery
E - Get Insurance now, wait a year for pre-existing clause to be removed and see what happens then.

I guess our fist option should be - is this:

Pray really really hard that it just dissapears and goes away -

You can do it too.... Yep, just send a little prayer up to heaven. Right now if you want to. It will only take a second. We would love you forever and send you hugs and kisses.

I figure if we nag God about it long enough he will get sick and tired of us and give in and say Yes.

My kids do it to me and it works like a charm.

I just want to do a huge shout out to my Mother in Law -
she has been watching the daycare so I can go and do things with my kids. I can't express how much this summer has meant to me to be able to spend time alone with my kids. It's priceless. It means the whole world to have this time with my children. We will never have this summer ever again. Thanks for the memories Mom