Silly Girls

Because so much is said in a picture. So many memories. 
The girls and I are playing on dads new Notepad -We left him a few surprises.

Work appreciation!

Appreciate your daddy day - Darrel took the kids and his parents out to see the mine where he works.  Hopefully they will appreciate their daddy a little more after seeing how he spends his days : )

Casper Park

We stopped on our long trip home from Idaho and played at a park in Casper.  Never too old to play!

A trip home to Idaho 2015

Family Reunion - I have lots of pictures to share but too many of my family members have a phobia of their pictures on the internet.  Mom making cookies is always a tradition.  The kids riding the neighbors tractor wagon.  The reaping of the harvests and a good ol' little town rodeo.  Going home is always emotional and so hard.