We are going home to Idaho! And not for just one day neither! We will travel Thursday and spend Fri,Sat,Sun, and come home on Monday. The last time I was home was for one day - Jadon's wedding. The time before that was before Alta was born so it really is time for a vacation and see some family. We had to invest in 4 brand new car seats - the kind that the kids can't get out of.... it's a 9-12 hour drive depending on how many potty breaks and stops you take. All we are taking for entertainment is a dvd player, spray bottles, dry erase boards (won't that be fun), books, a doll or two, a few cars for Jon and the best - Grandma Lorna to tend to the kids. Lot's of snacks, lots of baby wipes, some kid music and a half way stop at McDonalds playground.(Yah, lots of germs!) I expect to get some great pictures!

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