It's a happy day.

I didn't accomplish anything on my to do list today. My good friend Jessica came over with 2 huge boxes of donuts - comfort food she said. Her friend recently found out that she has cancer that will take her life very quickly and she hasn't much time left. After crying for a few weeks she came out of her depression long enough to say "live for today, don't live for the future". Of course you need to plan for the future and prepare. What she means is live in today. Enjoy today. Enjoy all the little things. The meaningless things. Don't wait for that happy day when you are finally out of debt.... or have enough money to do this or to do that. I'll be happy when.....

Be happy today. Enjoy others. Be kind. Go out of your way to make someone else happy. Therein you find true happiness...Today. So the dishes are still in the sink, 20 loads of laundry in neat little seperated piles wait their turn for the washer and the jam has dried on the counter from breakfast. I held my babies and kissed them, let them jump all over the couches and we had doughnuts for lunch. Its a happy day.

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