You shouldn't laugh at your husband

I'm snickering. It's a form of a laugh. The kind that happens when you see someone else struggling, but it's too funny so you snicker - a real laugh would be inappropriate.

I sent my husband grocery shopping. He returned and on the way in - dropped a gallon of milk. That was the first in a long chain of messes. He then went to put food away in the fridge and decided to clean up the girls pancake mess that they made several messes and days from before. Which lead to cleaning the entire fridge out.... when he tried to put the drawers back into the fridge - they wouldn't fit. He had to pull the entire thing out to get the doors to open wide. From there...(snicker) every cookbook that was leaning against the side of the fridge fell down behind it making more messes! I said to him "why don't you clean the floor while you have the fridge pulled out?" (more snickering)

While he was putting the food away I was busy cleaning child #3. She had gotten into the baby's formula and dumped a can of corn into it. Same concept as water plus dirt equals mud. And wouldn't you know it - Child #2 was downstairs coloring herself with magic markers. (Snicker)

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