I just love Sundays

My son has autistic behavior. We do not have a diagnoses for him because of the medical problems he has had since birth. Some days it is a trial - and other days a delight to see what he will do.

Today was sad. It was the primary program and he was up there making his shrieking noises and the teachers were trying to get him under control. He took off his shoes, climbed on the organ, sat on the railing, wouldn't let children go by him by blocking the way.....

I finally decided to intervene and took him off the stand. He immediately calmed down and fell asleep in my lap. I watched as the normal children continued the program. My eyes filled with tears wondering what kind of life he was going to have. Would he be able to marry? Continue into college? Would he be able to be on his own? So many questions that only time will tell.

We start a therapy tomorrow for him. It's called Reiki. It is healing with energy that the therapist will radiate from herself to Jon to calm him down. I have seen it done before on colicky infants and even had the therapy done on myself. But that was with a dear trusted friend. I have only visited with this new therapist over the phone. She is a 73 year old great grandma.

Today is my mothers birthday. She wasn't home when I called to wish her a happy birthday. Even though she will never read this - here's to a Happy Birthday Mom. Even though we are miles apart it is probably a good thing - we would drive each other crazy. Love you.

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