School days

I love waiting for the bus. Standing at the bottom of the driveway, the air is crisp and cool in the morning. Sunny and warm in the afternoon and smells like winter coming. The kids love looking under rocks, running around the yard, looking up and down the street for the bus....

Sarah just got on the bus. It is her second week going to school. I jump for joy that she is loving it but I want to pull her back and kiss her and hold her and never let her go. She has adjusted wonderfully.

Jon loves school. But it wears him out. He comes home very tired and emotional. Although my work load is extremely light when he is at school - I miss him. He has slept in his own bed in his own room for 4 nights in a row...... HOLY COW. I might actually get to sleep in my own bed now.

My kids are growing up. It is bitter sweet.

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