It's a new day

I turned my IMEEM on and pushed the replay button for the same song and I cleaned the house.

I got the vinegar out and I washed the winter residue off the windows.

Just me and Jon Schmidt and Love Story.

I polished the hard wood floors and made them shine.

Then 4 daycare kids and I sat on the back porch and soaked in the sunshine.

They ran around the yard and I daydreamed about being on the beach.

There was a slight breeze that made perfect goosebumps on my arms as the sunshine came and went, peering between the light and fluffy clouds that drifted by.

The smell of dryer sheets floated in the air and the fresh smell of Clorox gave me a peaceful feeling knowing that the house was clean and there was nothing left to do but daydream.

Passerby's stared out their windows with a longing look in their faces - perhaps wishing to be free as the children playing tag in the yard.

I rolled my pant legs up to reveal the snowy white legs that haven't seen daylight since last summer. Oh to be young again. Tan and toned and running here and there. No cares in the world but the thought of what to do next.

I thought about the changes I'm going to make in the next few months and excitement filled my head and I was on cloud nine temporarily and briefly.

The feeling of nostalgia lingered as if I had been at this point in my life before and I was watching a rerun - reassuring me that I was on the right path.

Yes it's time to slow down and take better care of myself. To redirect dreams and goals. To recommit myself and renew my energy...


Jess said...

Great post.. thank you for sharing... sounds like you had a great day!!! Hope you got some sun on those white legs!! =)

devri said...

I need to take better care of myself too, I also need to slim my blog list down so I am not on the computer all day long.. teach me how.. Please!

Twisted Cinderella said...

sounds like you are in a good place. I am happily looking forward to the future and all the new things that are to come.