We've been to see a neurosurgeon and he charged us $400 to tell us that we need more tests done. We are going to have the tests done but we won't return to him if anything needs done.

He did not ask any questions. He did not look at our films we brought him. He basically sat there with his arms crossed against his chest and said I dont know, could be possible and shrugged his shoulders.

We drove 3 hours. Waited in the office for 30 minutes. Waited in the room for another 30 minutes. Spent 2 minutes of his time.

I must be in the wrong business. $400 for 2 minutes??????

We have a new member of the family. A black lab/collie and she is a cutie. Very calm and mild mannered and already is in training.
EXCEPT for the fact that Darrel is allergic to her and she will have to stay outside if I want to keep her. We named her Dana.

I will have pictures later which is more exciting than this post.

The kids still have 2 more weeks before school starts. Going to try to make the most of it.


Cynthia said...

Sorry about the Neurosurgeon thing. What a pain- especially in the pocket book.

Enjoy the new puppy. You are a braver woman than me to get a dog.

mother goose said...

GRRRRRRRRR nothing makes me more upset than doctors that can't even pretend to make your time worth it. Sorry. and sorry for more tests.
I love that puppy it is adorable

RhondaLue said...

ok I've missed a LOT. What is the neurosurgeon for? Mine sucked and I reported it to my family Dr and he said "Neurosurgeon's are a different breed". They think they know it all but they don't know enough! Mine was a total jerk, wouldn't even answer my questions and when he'd ask about a certain symptom I'd answer and go "Hmmm" in an "I don't believe you" tone. Like why the flip would I LIE?! I had my family dr refer me to a neurosurgeon and they tried to get me to see the same dude. NO. WAY. Hopefully they'll call me with a new name today!