The MEANEST MOMMY in the world!

It's Halloween and I am going to THROW AWAY all my children's Halloween candy.....except the chocolate ones.

Now before you burn me on the witches stake hear me out...

If it doesn't have chocolate in the candy it's just sugar right? So I'm letting them keep anything with chocolate in it.

Second...have you heard of anyone getting cavaties from eating chocolate? It's been said that there is nutritional value and mentally well being from eating chocolate!

Just kidding... We are cutting back on the amount of CRAP the kids are eating this holiday and that's how we decided to divide and conquer. That and we are trying not to let anyone get sick between now and baby Valories surgery.

We have had yet another change of plans. Our neurosurgeon canceled the surgery for a family crisis. His secretary said she had no idea when we could reschedule.

Rather than wait around we found someone else. Good thing we did. We are now going to Denver CO to see one of the best Chief of Neurosurgery. She is amazing. Not only do we have our initial appointment with her but surgery scheduled as well.

We will be at the St Lukes Presbyterian hospital and will most likely be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house half a block from the hospital.

I will post after the surgery and let you know how it goes. I can't describe in words how amazingly blessed we feel.


tammy said...

I only like the chocolate ones anyway - which is why I didn't buy much chocolate.

Hope everything goes well with the surgery. I'm glad you're feeling good about it and the surgeon.

Jami said...

Wow, brave woman. And smart. (I'm talking about the candy thing... can't say I'm equally strong...)

And, I'm so happy you're being and feeling so blessed! That makes me so happy! :)